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Concept design creation, construction document preparation, and construction supervision are part of my job as well as feasibility studies, architectural programming, and project management.

Depending on the degree of service requested, together with external consultants the following services can be provided:

Project Inception – I begin by communicating with the client on the project’s brief, the ideas, the requirements and the aims in order to start the project’s proper planning.

Schematic Design – I explore and present several design directions based on the needs and the preliminary budget for the project. The initial design sketches help our discussion with the client on the various possibilities, going over the many advantages and disadvantages in response to the client’s input.

Design Development – I begin the development phase of the project once a schematic design has been agreed upon and the scope and quality of the completed project have been clarified. Additional cost forecasts aid in determining if the design adheres to the preliminary budget and, if so, what revisions are required.

Construction Stage I create construction drawings and specifications as a continuation of the design development process, as soon as design concepts have been chosen. Certain construction documents are in order to secure building licenses and contractors’ quotes.

Bidding Stage – I may assist in the selection of a contractor by reviewing competing bids. I can offer aid in the proposal evaluation as well as the contract preparation between the client and the contractor.

Site Supervision – I communicate with the client and provide advice on the project’s progress during construction. On-site inspections assist in determining if work is continuing in compliance with the construction documents and overall design purpose while ensuring materials and craftsmanship meet acceptable quality.

I am passionate about creating spaces that are aesthetic and functional

I believe that great design is about more than just aesthetics—it's about making sure that your space is designed for function, too. I'll work with you on all aspects of your project, from initial sketches to final construction. 

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