Everything in life is art. 

What you do. Your looks. 

The way you carry yourself, and how you talk.  

Your designs. 

The things you do with others are art.

Design Philosophy

The building is the art, science, and business of architecture. As an architect, I am educated and skilled not just in the design and construction of the physical environment, but also in a variety of other fields, from conceptual problem solving to project management. 

Architecture is a fundamental part of our lives and culture. It is a manifestation of our society's values, and it helps us to understand who we are as individuals and as a society. 

Through architecture, we can express our hopes for the future while preserving what is important about our past. We can create spaces that allow us to thrive and grow as individuals, while also fostering an environment where we can work together towards common goals. 

Exemplary architecture should be based on a strong foundation of research, analysis, and planning; but ultimately it must be rooted in creativity and imagination. Ideas are the main foundation rather than numbers or calculations alone. This is possible when looking into ways to improve upon what has gone before instead of simply copying it — to seek out new solutions rather than simply making incremental changes. 

Finally, good architecture will always seek out ways to improve both individual lives as well as society as a whole; it will always strive for a balance between these two seemingly opposite goals: aesthetics and functionality. 

Today, there is an ever-growing involvement in the difficult and historic challenge of designing new buildings or adapting old structures while also participating extensively in society's concerns and activities

This includes anything from furniture design to city planning, from community engagement and social transformation to development economics or technological research. Computer programming or contract management are options for special interests. Beyond traditional works on residential, commercial and public service buildings, I am inspired to work in areas such as social housing or community development. 

Being an Architect holds a specific set of characteristics.

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