Events where I am in contact with fellow Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) industry experts and leading academic institutions.


“Driving Industrial Strategy for North West Growth – The Role of the Creative Industries”

Transformation North West, UK 2018

“Interwoven Reinforced Concrete Structures: The Integration of Design and Fabrication Drivers through Parametric Design Processes“

International Journal of Design Studies, Special Issue on Parametric Design Thinking 2018

“AA Greece VS Thessaloniki, Eos.” 

Macedonia newspaper, Sunday edition, November 2015, p.51. Greece.

“AA Athens and AA Istanbul (AI) Visiting Schools 2014.” 

EK magazine, November 2014, 28‐29. Greece.

“AA Greece VS Patras, Aethyr.”

EK magazine, December 2014. Greece.

“The Autopoeisis of Architecture”

Video Interview Patrik Schumacher(Interview by Alexandros Kallegias) 2014

“In‐Between Theory and Practice”

Interview Patrik Schumacher (Author Alexandros Kallegias) In Villas Views + Ideas, Redefining Contemporary Design, 78-89. 2013, Athens, Greece.

“AA Athens and AA Istanbul (AI) Visiting Schools 2013.” 

YAPI, No. 381, August 2013, 68-73. Turkey: YAPI-ENDÜSTRİ MERKEZİ A.Ş.

“AA Athens and AA Istanbul (AI) Visiting Schools 2012.” 

YAPI, No. 367, June 2012, 60-66. Turkey: YAPI-ENDÜSTRİ MERKEZİ A.Ş.

“Seven Tower Proposals for Mecidiyekoy.”, April 2012

Conferences & Proceedings

“SENSORY DATA : A new approach of energy data collection and analysis”

SimAUD 2021 - Virtual Venue

Human+ April 15-17 2021

 “Design by Computation: A Material Driven Study”

eCAADe 2018: Computing for a Better Tomorrow - Lodz, Poland 2018

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering, 19 September 2018

“BIM : Customizing the standards”

4th International Symposium Formal Methods in Architecture - Porto, Portugal 2018

CESAP – Cooperativa de Ensino Superior Artístico do Portugal, 05 April 2018


Letter From London: Greek Students and Architects in the United Kingdom 1955-2015 - Athens, Greece 2017

Cultural Center Stavros Niarchos Foundation, 16 December 2017

“Robot-Aided Fabrication of Interwoven Reinforced Concrete Structures”

SimAUD 2017 - Best Paper Award - Toronto, Canada 2017

University of Toronto, 22nd-24th May 2016

“Design by Nature: Concrete Infiltrations”

eCAADe 2015: Real Time :Extending the Reach of Computation - Vienna, Austria 2015

Vienna University of Technology, 16th-18th September 2015

“Towards the Realization of Object-Oriented Architectures: The Integration of Generative Design Methodologies with Inter-active and Kinetic Prototypes”

eCAADe 2014: Fusion: Data integration at its best - Newcastle, UK 2014 Northumbria University, 10th –12th September 2014

“Interactive Fields: Assuming Control” 

Scaleless – Seamless: Performing a Less Fragmented Architecture and Education - Münster, Germany 2012

MSA Münster School of Architecture, 15 – 17 November 2012

“Interactive Fields: Assuming Control” 

Rethinking the Human in Technology-Driven Architecture - Chania, Greece 2011

Technical University of Crete, Faculty of Architecture, 30 August – 01 September 2011


IVI, TOA, Adaptation - Art and IoT, Berlin 

Germany 2017 

IVI, Sabbionara Gate, Chania 

Greece 2016 

FIBROUS, AKTO Art & Design College, Athens 

Greece 2016 

Tectonic Symbiosis, Bilgi University, Istanbul  

Turkey 2016 

NeoSKIN, Bilgi University, Istanbul 

Turkey 2015 

Eos, Telloglio Fine Arts Foundation 

Greece 2015 

Eos, School of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Greece 2015 

Callipod, Architectural Association Projects Review, London 

UK 2015  

Τhe Haze, Architectural Association Visiting School, London

UK 2015  

Aethyr, Agora Argiri, Patras 

Greece 2014 

Aethyr, University of Patras 

Greece 2014 

Vertical Interventions, ITU, Istanbul 

Turkey 2013 

Light Forest, Architectural Association, London

UK 2013

Fallen Star, Kinetica Art Fair, London 

UK 2013

Fallen Star, Architectural Association, London 

UK 2012

Living Cover, Kinetica Art Fair, London 

UK 2012

Living Cover, Architectural Association Projects Review, London

UK 2011

Protocool_Roboteque, Architectural Association Projects Review, London 

UK 2010

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